Tips For Hosting Your Own Academy Awards Party at 360 State Street

Award season for movies and television has been going on for weeks, but the biggest award show to celebrate cinema will be taking place Sunday February 26th. The Academy Awards will be hosted this year by Jimmy Kimmel as some of the most well-known names in entertainment go up against each other. Who says Hollywood

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Treats for Your 360 State Halloween Party

Part of the fun of Halloween is setting up all the decorations, bringing out festive lights and figuring out the perfect costume for the holiday. If you are throwing your own Halloween get together in your 360 State Street apartment, following the festive Halloween theme can continue right down to the food served! There are

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International Dishes to Serve at Your Rio Olympic Party

It only happens once every four years, which is why the Olympic games is the talk of the summer when it rolls around. This year the U.S.A is expected to bring home several medals, and is the favorite to win the gold in many different sports. Several countries will be participating in the event, making

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