See Beautiful Flowers This Spring at the Colorblends House & Spring Garden

One of the staple activities of the springtime, especially in our beautiful and colorful Connecticut, is to see flowers of every variety after a long, hard winter. Luckily for 360 State residents, the Colorblends House and Spring Garden, located at 893 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport which is about 25 minutes from your apartment, is currently showcasing

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Get Ready for Earth Day by Visiting One of These Local Gardening Centers

With Earth Day almost here on April 22, there’s no better way to celebrate all of the beautiful greenery of Connecticut than by sprucing up your 360 State apartment with some fresh flowers and plants. Fortunately for 360 State residents, there are tons of gardening centers located in your neighborhood that are perfect for helping

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New Haven Flowers Shops for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the chance to tell those in your life that you love them. Whether it be a significant other, your best friend, a parent, sibling or acquaintance, flowers are the staple kind gesture of the holiday and for good reason. A lot can be said through the giving of flowers. Our 360 State

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