Yale University Art Gallery: World Class Art and Culture Near 360 State

The Yale University Art Gallery offers an impressively curated visit through many different artistic and cultural movements. This New Haven museum’s wide ranging collection includes everything from traditional African sculpture and ancient Roman coins to contemporary American photography. You’ll also find Indonesian textiles, colonial American silverwork, Italian Renaissance paintings, and groundbreaking contemporary pieces by artists like Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol.

The Gallery’s holdings are organized by geography and historical period, so it’s easy to orient yourself as you move through the various exhibits, and the museum’s holdings are diverse enough that there’s sure to be something to interest you and all of your friends from 360 State. In fact, it’s easy to spend an entire afternoon in a single exhibit, so it’s probably best to focus your attention on just a couple of exhibits, and plan on making future visits to see the rest of the collection.

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