Sample the Famous Burgers at Louis’ Lunch Near 360 State

Ever since Louis Lasson conceptualized and served a ground beef sandwich served on toasted bread in the year 1900, hamburgers have been a staple at Louis’ Lunch. Today, this New Haven eatery still cooks each and every burger to-order on the restaurant’s original cast iron grills that date back to 1898, and locals say the special blend of seasonings can’t be matched by any other burger joint near 360 State.

The food is simple: burgers, potato salad, and house-made pie dominate the menu, and the dining room itself feels historic, with its dark wood and exposed brick. Settle into one of the unique desk-like booth seats, or eat at the counter itself. The dining room only seats about a dozen people, however, so take-out is also a popular option. Be aware that this place is regionally famous, so expect a wait during peak hours. However, regulars say the burgers are well worth the wait.

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