Café George by Paula: A New Haven Breakfast Spot Near 360 State

Paula of Café George by Paula describes her restaurant’s fresh food as “American with cultural flair,” and this unique, flavorful cooking style is one of the main reasons why area residents love this quaint eatery. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch daily in its New Haven location, which is tucked away in a large, old building on George Street, not too far from 360 State.

Breakfast items include hearty sandwiches on your choice of fresh breads or croissants and platters filled with classic breakfast items, while lunch fare features healthy sandwiches and salads featuring meats with fresh vegetables. Regulars also praise Café George’s hot coffees and teas, which pair perfectly with any breakfast dish. Although the restaurant gets quite busy around lunchtime, the convenient ordering station and numerous cozy tables makes things move quickly and pleasantly.

Café George by Paula is open

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